What Is a Mother’s Ring?

June 01, 2019

Facts About the Classic Mother’s Ring

Jewelry marks some of the most important relationships we have in life. In particular, rings tend to signify the bonds of connection shared with those closest to us. That isn’t just limited to marriage. Many local jewelers carry mother’s rings near the Black Hills for those who want to commemorate the special relationships between mothers and their children. Also given to many grandmothers, this type of ring has a few unique features that make it stand out:

It Features Birthstones: Traditionally, these rings feature one or more birthstone gems, each representing a particular child. This can make them a colorful, eye-catching addition to a mother’s jewelry collection, and an instant reminder of the people who love her.

There Are Many Styles: Like any other piece of jewelry, mother’s family rings come in an infinite array of beautiful looks. Some feature engravings or heart-shaped gem arrangements to highlight the depth and complexity of the relationships they symbolize, while others are deliberately simple to keep the vibrant core colors the focus.

They Have A Long History:  Though there’s no official origin story, mothers have worn these rings for decades, and they’re well-recognized as popular gifts. Elegant, beautiful, and one of the most diverse types of ring available, they’re sure to be a beloved option for mothers and grandmothers for many generations to come.

Learn about the meaning of this traditional symbol of family and motherhood. The mother’s rings from Jewelry Black Hills Gold add a special touch to this classic jewelry item.

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