June 17, 2019

Bracelets have been around since the Stone Age, and they’re an accessory that’s still wildly popular today. The latest trend in modern bracelet fashion is layering, and there are right ways to do it when you want to look your best. These three tips help you make the most of everything from basic bangles to the classic silver bracelet near the Black Hills:

Match Similar Styles
Variation is good, but too much causes visual chaos. If you wear multiple bracelets, choose those that are close in color and width to make sure your look always appears chic and intentional.

Buy in Sets
If you like a particular look, there’s no reason not to collect a few of the same bracelet. Worn as a simple set or interspersed with a few outside additions, matching pieces go a long way toward making your style cohesive.

Introduce Difference
The only thing better than stylish bracelets are several similar bracelets accentuated with a few that create points of contrast. Think of this look like a pop of color in clothes: a little bit makes you stand out, but too many at once can get out of hand. One lovely option is to use smaller chains between the bolder bangles. 

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