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The Tri-Color Beauty of Black Hills Gold Rings

As one of Mark Twain’s characters said, “There’s gold in them thar hills.” In our case, the gold is referring to the gorgeous jewelry made by Jewelry Black Hills Gold. The precious metals -- gold and silver -- that go into creating our Black Hills gold rings are mined right here in those South Dakota hills. And, this is where we make our jewelry, too.

View our collection of Black Hills gold engagement ring sets, featuring striking designs and polished gemstones that would grace any hand. With delicate details, our 14K gold rings are crafted with care and skill for beautiful results. One of the recurring themes you’ll see are the leaves that call attention to the central gem or even appear as the focal point of the jewelry. We also offer a lovely selection of Black Hills silver rings, also mined and made here.

Contact us today to order your Black Hill engagement ring. We proudly serve customers throughout the United States.

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