August 28, 2018

Check out the unique, beautifully hand crafted Gold and Silver jewelry.  Gold and Silver Jewelry you can wear every day.  The more you wear it the prettier and shinier it is.

You get to purchase authentic Black Hills Gold Jewelry at discount prices at .  Come and enjoy a great shopping experience on the easy to navigate online store with a huge selection to choose from and great customer service. 

Beautiful Black Hills Gold Jewelry at .  The huge selection gives you the perfect piece of Jewelry for any occasion.  At you will find Mother's Rings, Father's Jewelry, Money Clips, Bolos, Pins and Tie Tacs all under Family Jewelry.  You will find Gold and Silver Rings, Necklaces, Sliders, Earrings, Ear Pins and much more. 

This beautiful Jewelry is authentic Black Hills Gold Jewelry, made in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We have the perfect gift or every one of your loved ones.  Something they can cherish and remember you for the rest of life. has some of the most unique hand crafted Wedding Set you will find.  Our Diamonds are selected for their Clarity, Color, Cut, Caret and Quality.  You can special order your diamond to suite your taste and have it set in any one of our unique settings of 14k Yellow or White Gold or Sterling Silver.

If you like beautiful  precious gemstones, you will love what you can find at  Our gemstones are selected for Clarity, Color, Cut, Caret and Quality also and can be set in Yellow or White Gold or Sterling Silver. 

Our Birthstones are the most brilliant and colorful you will find anywhere.  We have some of the most vibrant synthetic stone in the universe.  ‘s easy to navigate online store will get you to that prefect piece of jewelry you have been looking for within a few point and clicks. 

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Holiday Closure & Cut off Dates

We, here at Jewelry Black Hills Gold, are hopeful that everyone is safe and healthy as the Holidays draw near.

To allow enough time for manufacturing for the Hopes of orders for Christmas, please place orders by 11/17/23. Order placed after 11/17/23 must be shipped via expedited shipping ofUPS Blue or UPS Red. Please note that after 12/8/23 ALL orders will be dated 1/22/24 for shipping & NOTGUARANTEED FOR CHRISTMAS. HOWEVER, we will continue to process, pull and ship ALL product that is IN STOCK!  We will continue to do our very best to ship your items ASAP.

In addition, to allow our staff to enjoy their Holiday with Family & Friends, our factory/offices will be closed Thurs., Nov 23 & Fri, 24th as well as Fri, Dec. 22, 2023 through Jan. 2, 2024

God Bless & Have a Very Safe Holiday Season.