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April 26, 2021

When you purchase a piece of our Black Hills Jewelry collection, its beauty and timeless shine calls for the appropriate storage methods. Organizing your jewelry is an excellent way to make sure nothing gets lost or tangled. Keeping track of where all your best pieces are will help you prepare for any event much faster; this includes planning and outfits and accessorizing accordingly with the right gold shades. But with an organization in mind, there should always be a method to store your items.

Giving your jewelry its own special spots allows for optimal organization and fewer chances for things to get lost. There are many ways to play around with your jewelry apart from putting them in boxes; below, you’ll see twelve ways to best store your jewelry:

  1. Designate a Jewelry Drawer
  2. Reuse Vintage Finds For Jewelry Storage
  3. Make Every Day Accessorizing Easy
  4. Keep Your Jewelry Collection Visible
  5. Store Necklaces on Hooks
  6. Organize Jewelry into Compartments
  7. Try a Jewelry Organization Stand
  8. Protect Your Fine Jewelry
  9. Fill a Jewelry Pocket Organizer
  10. Use Divided Jewelry Organizers
  11. Create a DIY Jewelry Organizer
  12. Hang a Wall Jewelry Organizer

Giving your black hills jewelry display spots or special places tucked away is entirely up to you and your imagination. Contact Jewelry Black Hills Gold to learn more about their products so you can add more to your beautiful collection.

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