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Men's Elk Ivory Chouteau Cuff Link (IS581)

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Frontier Collection -- Elk Ivory Cuff Link - Elk Ivory are the teeth of a Bull elk. They are cleaned, shaped and polished to create the Ivory Stone in our Cuff Links. This Cuff Link is available in .925 Sterling Silver.   All of our Sterling Silver has a Hypoallergenic Rhodium protective coating.  The Ivory is in a Channel style setting.  Elk Ivory cuff links are custom made.  Can be made with your own Ivory or one of ours.   Please allow approximately 30 business days for your product to manufactured. 

If using your own ivory, order will be processed after receipt of your Ivory.  Therefore, allow approximately 30 business days, after receipt of your ivory, for your product to manufactured.

 Certificate of Authenticity and Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty against Defects in Materials and Workmanship Included.   Authentic Black Hills Gold Jewelry get brighter and prettier the more it is worn. Clean our Jewelry with a soft brush, mild soap and warm water.

Please contact us at bhgj.summey@gmail.com or 814-810-8215 for pricing using your own Ivory.

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